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It seemed like there was never anything very sexy about a stationary bike - until Peloton came along. The American company has taken a product that appeared ordinary to many and turned it into something that people all over the world are dying to get their hands on - despite a hefty $1,895 price tag, plus a monthly membership fee. With many gyms closed and people still working from home ...

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These output numbers were then compared to the available calibration tables for the Peloton bikes, to determine what IC4/IC8/C6 gear generates the Sep 01, 2020 ยท For example, this chart says that at a Peloton resistance of 30 and a cadence of 80rpm, my output number would be 61. TL; DR - Speed on the Peloton Bike is a pure function of power and can be accurately regressed with a two-piece polynomial fit. Code is available at the project GitHub repo. Second in a series. See the project GitHub, to be updated through the series.. Part I: Decoding the Peloton; Part Ib: How does the Peloton compute speed?

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The other biggest differentiator between the Peloton bike and the MYX Fitness bike is the resistance type. The MYX bike uses friction resistance and the Peloton bike uses magnetic resistance. Yes, there is a slight difference, but it shouldn't be your only deciding factor as both types are more than adequate.The Saris H3 Direct Drive packs in a lot of performance for its price-point. It's probably closer to top-shelf bike trainer specs and performance, but it's hundreds less than the premium trainers, especially with Saris reducing the price of the H-series with the release of the H3.

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